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We are on indefinite hiatus. The pandemic is not over. We are not done producing. Visit our Discord and FB Group to keep up with the on going projects and community. Congrats on over 100 hours of great art and ideas being shared.

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Producing in Pandemic, begun in March of 2020 is a peer exchange gathering and non-prescriptive incubation space. 


We are a collaborative, anti-capitalist, non-hierarchical group intentionally prioritizing voices of folks on the margins. Our team of organizers center racial and disabled justice and "decolonization".  

Our hundreds of participants from North and South America and the UK share what we do well, what we are learning, and what we are struggling with in digital producing and safely shared physical space.


We are developing resources and relationships, while amplifying best new practices in this age of global pandemic.





We would love for you to join us!

Feel free to contact us to attend a session, get in touch for media requests, access needs, or to be connected with a digital producer.

JOIN our facebook page, Transmedia Performance, or send an email to Attend a meeting to recieve the discord link. 

We provide all this with radical generosity. If you would like to support the practice in any way you are welcome but not obligated.

You can support us though any of the following platforms. 

CUJ PayPal Link:

CUJ Tax Deductible FlipCause Link: 

Support CUJ on a monthly basis:

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