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*producing in pandemic*



As in the physically shared space you will need to agree on how you will communicate clearly and without harm to each other in the digital space. The exercise of creating these agreements helps us to identify what is important to us and creates the circumstances for best healthiest collaboration. This is always an exercise in gaining consent. We hold a relaxed presence meeting that centers accessibility and racial justice and invites all participants into active engagement 


  • We will honor agreements of the community

  • We will care for our bodies and move as needed 

  • We will co-create space for everyone to contribute.

  • Those of us most comfortable responding quickly will create space for other voices

  • Those of us less comfortable responding verbally and quickly will speak and be heard

  • We will honor productive silence

  • We will avoid cross talk

  • We will test our personal technology before we meet to resolve any technical issues

  • We will use the mute button when not speaking to prevent background noise

  • We will manage our time together

  • We will always get consent

  • We will Call Up Justice in the moment


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